“I just want you to know how much I LOVE my back buddy! I have chronic back pain and have suffered for about 4 years now. I knew being pregnant would be a challenge and possibly make it worse. Well the back buddy has provided relief and I am feeling better now than I did even before my pregnancy! Thank you so much for the wonderful invention!”

~ Rachel ~

“I LOVE my Back Buddy!!! I use it in bed when we watch TV at night, it has made a WORLD of difference and I am so much more comfortable!! I can’t wait to nurse with it!!!”

~ Robin ~

“I LOVE my Back Buddy too!!! If only you could convey through pictures how comfy it is on your back!!!”

~ Aya ~

“So I’m in the middle of nursing [my son] for the night, and my back is killing me!  Hmmm, why is my back hurting so much all of a sudden. Oh wait, I’m not using my pillow!  Holy cow does this pillow work !! I’m very impressed and just wanted to let you know!”

~ Lia ~

“I just have to rave about my Back Buddy.  [My son] refuses to sleep at night unless I am holding him.  That being said, I use my Back Buddy every night, all night long.  I went without it a few times and woke up terribly sore.  Thank you Back Buddy for making my long nights comfortable!”

~ Robin ~

“It is beautiful, comfortable, and very supportive. Wish I had one when I was nursing!”

~ Laura D. ~

“I love love love your pillow!!!! Not only is it the best support I have had but it’s beautiful as well!”

~ Debra ~

“My friends at work got me this and it’s the best thing I have for my back.  I’m not a nursing mom. I’m over 50 and my back hurts if I sit on the couch for too long. I love reading, and with this Back Buddy I can read for hours. I would recommend this to anyone who has back problems. Thanks to everyone who helped in the process of making this.”

~ Denise ~

“I love my pillow. I put away the numerous pillows used trying to obtain comfort. I was instantly relaxed and did not feel any pain in my lower back.  This comfortable pillow is much more than a welcome relief, it is peace of mind and body.”

~ Debbie ~

“Not too hard, not too soft and contoured just right. The cover was surprisingly easy to put on. I’ve gotten so used to wrestling with various nursing pillows to get their respective covers on. But this slipped on well, thanks to the shape of the pillow vs the opening in the cover, the dual zippers and the smooth pillow texture. Thanks for a great product and terrific customer service.”

~ Rebecca ~